Shocker but I’m not impressed. The Sabres beat the Caps 4-2 @FNC tonight but I would be hard pressed to call It an impressive win. The feeling Caps have been in complete disarray since about game 10 of this season.

They fired Bruce Boudreau and have now moved on to Dale Hunter (really?) Its pretty clear to see at least so far that it wasn’t the coach. This Caps team has no heart and for whatever reason has given up. When they do want to play with  a little fire they end up taking stupid penalties a la Ovechkin.

What this bad streak of the Caps has shown me is that when there is a cancer on your team either you remove it or it festers and eats its way on to the rest of your team. Alexander Semin has got to Be one of the laziest  SOBs in the league if not the laziest. It’s truly disgusting to have someone with so much talent just totally waste it because he doesn’t care.

I think the Caps made the wrong move by firing Boudreau, they should have traded Semin long ago, before he infected the rest of the team with his craptastic work ethic and in game laziness.  To me that’s jut the wrong message to send, keeping a lazy player around too long that it start to seep into other players mentality.

Drew Stafford comes to mind, are you listening Darcy????