According to the lines at practice this morning the Buffalo Sabres 3rd line for tonight’s matchup against the Washington Capitals is 8-28-36. So Paul Gausted who I believe to be the leagues highest paid 4th line talent will be centering for Cody McCormick and Pat Kaleta.

The Sabres have a ton of injuries right now to be certain, but there have been many a night when Lindy Ruff rolls this line out as if it’s some kind of “shutdown” line. I find it hard to swallow that McCormick or Kaleta make it on to the roster for any other teams in this league with the exception of a Columbus or Islanders team that are among the worst teams in the league.

It’s time for the Sabres to move on from Gausted who wins his fair share of face offs but contributes very little else to the team and has a 2.3 million dollar cap hit. The combined cap hit of this line is a total of 3.6 million dollars. It’s no wonder aside from the injuries that the sabres aren’t competing right now. This portion of your lineup is where your up and coming young players develop their skills while costing the team very little in respect to the cap.

The good that comes out of all these injuries is that we have been able to see young talent galore that should now be able to compete permanently for these spots. I’m not sure if there would be any takers in a Gausted trade scenario but McCormick and Kaleta should be nothing more than seat warmers up in the press box.

Put your thinking cap on Darcy, time to set some wheels in motion before its too late.